Injaz Civil Services Ltd is one of Saudi Arabia and Middle East fast growing Maintenance services and Construction Company. We provide varieties of services through our head office in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Rabigh to pursue clients’ satisfaction in energy industries. We tackled each challenge with reliable and innovating solutions. We empowered and entrust our multi-local teams in Rabigh, Yanbu, Dammam and other locations to provide sustainable development for our company and for the communities where we serve. Our wide range of services will start from engineering studies to turnkey projects.
Our Mission is to provide client satisfaction throughout different varieties of Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Construction and Maintenance taking into consideration our Arab & Islamic ethics.
Injaz is committed to:
• Provide high quality services and ultimate end product.
• Provide environmentally friend and safe work place to employees’ and clients.
• Capitalize the company assets by selecting the best in the market manpower, material, tools and equipment.
• Contribute positively to the local community by developing economy.
• Provide high quality goods either from our end or through our success partners.
• Optimize our resources and maximize our clients’ profits in projects management, commitment to timeframe work schedules and high quality projects execution plans.
• Encourage carrier growth and empower our employees’, partners, coworkers and suppliers to achieve customer satisfaction.

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