Injaz Management will encourage and support the company employees, subcontractors, material vendors and engineering services providers to implement the guidelines and requirements set forth Injaz Health, safety and Environmental (HSE) corporate program

Injaz Company HSE Policy

The Management of Injaz Civil Services Ltd is committed to:
• Manage Health, Safety and Environment issues with the same criticality of other business activity.
• Provide outstanding healthy and safe work environment for all SMZ employees.
• Implement safe work practices and provide information on control measures for hazards in the workplace.
• Eliminate unsafe condition that could result in personal injury, occupational health problems or adverse undesirable effect on the environment.
• Develop a culture supported by training and publicity, which will result in the sharing of this commitment at all levels.
• Provide the resources for organizing and controlling activities within the organization for an effective health, safety and environment policy.
• Provide the required support to achieve contracts goal swath zero incidents.
• We will be in the track of this commitment with a policy based on the following:
o A visible top management leadership in the implementation of the health, safety and environment policy in line with the requirements of the Saudi Government and client policies and to strive for continuous improvement in performance.
o Frequent monitoring and reporting of performance against the set target and action plans.
o Comprehensive surveys/inspections on the implementation of health, safety and environment policy.
o Ensure the appropriate application of engineering techniques, controls and work practices f or the successful implementation of health, safety and environment policy.
o Determine and document the order of priority for conducting the analysis in implementation of health, safety and environmental policy.
o Maintain responsibilities for the management or supervision of employees working under their directions are also responsible for their overall health and safety in the workplace, on the road and at home.
o Health and Safety Representatives are accountable to the employees they represent, and have powers of inspection and access, of investigation, to call in experts, and in an emergency to call a halt to work in the face of an immediate threat to the health and safety of employees in the work area.
o The representatives and management of the area have the responsibility to keep one another informed on all matters relating to occupational health and safety.
o All Discipline Coordinators, Area/Project Managers are required to arrange for the occupational health and safety policies and procedures operating at the locations under their control to be reviewed and, where necessary, brought into line with the client updated policy.
o Measure company performance through benchmarks, analyze the company performance and adjust work control procedures / measures to maintain performance improvement.
o Ensure the strict compliance of the client HSE requirements and Saudi Arab Government workmen’s standards and regulations.
I will encourage and support all of our employees to implement the guidelines and requirements set forth in Injaz Health, Safety and Environment Management program.

Injaz Chief Executive Officer
Nasir Al Shehry