Injaz Civil Services

In 1993 Saeed M. Al-Zenbaki Trading Est. was founded in Rabigh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia focusing on Trading, Maintenance and Civil Construction, ,as major business activities. Saeed M. Al-Zenbaki Trading Est.  (SMZ) awarded projects contracts varies from residential and industrial facilities. The subject projects were built per the latest state of art following different local and international standards such as: ISO 9001, American Standards, British Standards, Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAES’s) and SASO. Saeed M. Al-Zenbaki Trading Est. was merged with Injaz Civil Services Ltd on 2013. Injaz has a strong and experienced operational and management team. Injaz has strong financial backup through its investors and has the capacity to provide project financing.  Its achieved customer satisfaction throughout commitment to QA/QC, Health; Safety & Environmental established programs, timeframe execution schedules, good communication and talent taskforce. The company operations drastically increased within the past 10 years and become recognized as one of the local leading contractor in Mekkah, and Dammam districts. Currently, our diverse portfolio encompasses oil and gas, petrochemical and government services. We have projects in several locations Kingdome wide. No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, chances are Injaz Civil Services Ltd, can handle it. That's because we bring a supreme combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every job. While executing projects, we are committed to share local economies growth and improve the quality of life style for communities and people.

Injaz Civil Services Ltd  P.O. Box 468,  21911 Rabigh,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Fax: +966-12-422-1568 E-mailo: